Inventory Management for Reverb

Cloud-based inventory management system that integrates with Reverb marketplace.

Reverb is the world's online marketplace. The SkuVault warehouse management system integrates with Reverb to automatically reflect the actual physical quantities in your warehouse on your Reverb webstore. Some other features of the Reverb / SkuVault integration include:

  • Pull order data from Reverb to SkuVault every 3-5 minutes
  • Push quantity updates from SkuVault to Reverb every 3-5 minutes
  • Run reports, prevent oversells, and calculate true available quantities
  • ... and more!
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Reverb & SkuVault

Inventory Management for Reverb

Reverb integrates with the SkuVault warehouse & inventory management system to update the quantities in your warehouse in real time to your Reverb listings. SkuVault pulls order data from Reverb via the integration every 3-5 minutes, so SkuVault is always the first to know when an order comes in. This allows SkuVault to generate efficient pick lists for your pickers. We call it an "efficient" pick list, because SkuVault organizes the pick list by location; this creates a path for your pickers that leads them around your warehouse with the minimum amount of steps possible, taking them less time to complete more work. Whether you're sending an item out for an order or just removing your product from your warehouse to take product photos, SkuVault always keeps track of your available quantity and pushes those numbers to Reverb every 3-5 minutes. If you're on more than just Reverb, SkuVault can also pull orders from other channels or your shipping software so all pending sales from all channels come into SkuVault, allowing you to share quantities between channels and/or marketplaces.

Reverb & SkuVault

Quantity syncing between SkuVault and Reverb

SkuVault's inventory management features gives eCommerce businesses utilizing the Reverb marketplace a way to manage their back end systems and processes with our seamless integration. The goal of SkuVault is to reflect what is actually happening in your facility with your active online inventory. If something gets scanned out for any reason, that quantity is removed from Reverb. Conversely, when you're receiving and putting stock into inventory locations, that additional quantity automatically gets reflected to Reverb. SkuVault supports multiple locations per product, so you can eliminate physically moving products around (a non value adding process) to keep things organized to find them. SkuVault always knows where your product is, and reduces picking times dramatically. One of the biggest benefits of the integration is that SkuVault can drastically reduce a company's out of stock percentage, which is paramount to selling on Reverb. Out of stocks lead to negative feedback, which not only loses sales, but actually affects where you rank in search results! Typically a company with 5-6% out of stocks can reduce that percentage to 0.5% or less with SkuVault's inventory management system.

Reverb inventory management.

Order syncing and advanced reporting

Full barcoding capabilities allow Reverb sellers to manage their back end with SkuVault's inventory management system. Reverb has high expectations of its vintage, rare, & used music gear sellers, and to meet them, Reverb sellers need a trustworthy system to help them fulfill quickly and accurately to keep up with sales. SkuVault works hard to reduce human error and inefficiencies so that eCommerce retailers in the music community can focus on growing their business, instead of running around wasting time. Reverb's the perfect place for musicians to buy and sell their gear, and now SkuVault gives those musicians the chance to put the same practices that Reverb upholds of security and innovation into play in their own warehouses. We're constantly adding new features to SkuVault in order to better serve our customers and our integrations partners, like Reverb, and pride ourselves on fostering a community that supports mutual growth. Give us a call, or shoot us an email and we can teach you more about SkuVault and how it works with Reverb to improve your bottom line.

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