Inventory Management for Ecomitize

Cloud-based inventory management system that integrates with Ecomitize eCommerce platform.

Ecomitize is a SaaS built for online merchants, by online merchants; just like SkuVault. Ecomitize handles the design, development, hosting, SEO, market research, and marketing your website requires. SkuVault is an inventory & warehouse management software that helps businesses reduce inventory errors like out of stocks & mis-picks, pulls in your orders, and pushes back the quantities you have available for sale onto your website(s) and marketplace(s). The SkuVault and Ecomitize integration keeps the quantities listed on your online shop consistent with what's really happening in your warehouse. In essence:

  • Pulls sales info from your Ecomitize-built Magento online shop
  • Pushes back updates quantities of your listed products
  • Compatibility with even the oldest versions of Magento
  • Creating products in SkuVault with no extant listing will create a listing
  • ... and more!
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Ecomitize & SkuVault

Quantity syncing between SkuVault and your Ecomitize-built Magento website

Product information, your product gallery, your product's category, and your stock information, are all exported from your Magento site via the SkuVault/Ecomitize integration. Your product, stock information, product's brand, product's supplier, and product's classification are all then imported into SkuVault. In addition, all sales info is automatically sent to SkuVault as the sale comes in, and then that new updated quantity that's available for sale is pushed back to your Magento store via the integration. Any other time a product's available quantity is changed, such as if you have placed some of your products on hold while conducting a daily deal, or for any other reason that would temporarily or permanently remove quantity from your inventory, that quantity is automatically updated on your Ecomitize-built Magento store to prevent oversells and undersells. Out of stocks can be so dangerous for your online business; unhappy customers, bad word-of-mouth, increased customer support labor, and lost sales are just a few reasons why we hate oversells. SkuVault also has the capability to create a listing for a product, if a product is created in SkuVault that does not already have a corresponding listing on your Magento website. SkuVault can also update information edited in SkuVault (such as title, description, weight, etc.) to your live listings via the integration.

Ecomitize inventory management.

Inventory Management for Ecomitize

Inventory management is a broad phrase, and can encompass lots of different warehouse processes. The most readily apparent meaning of inventory management is of course the foundation and maintenance of your product catalog. Your catalog can be as fleshed out or as minimalist as you desire, but SkuVault has the capability to hold info such as your product SKU, code, MPN, brand, class, supplier(s), picture URLs, re-order point, cost, retail rpice, sale price, weight, MOQ, attributes, and more. But inventory management as a process contains so much more than just establishing and upkeeping a database of your products. It also includes recurring auditing functionality (both cycle counts & physical counts), streamlined picking processes that naivagte your pickers in a path of least-doubling-back throughout your warehouse, management of your product kits and case packs and the ability to sell them as both single units and as bundles simultaneously, and reporting that takes the information you provide (such as minimum order quantity, re-order point, cost, incremental quantity, suppliers, etc.) and generates replenishment reports that allow you to create PO's with the click of a button. Inventory management encompasses a lot more than those processes, but that hopefully gives you an idea of the kinds of tedious aspects of your day-to-day warehouse management that can be streamlined.

Ecomitize & SkuVault

SkuVault ♥ Ecomitize

SkuVault and Ecomitize are both built by online retailers for online retailers, and so it follows that our products are built with eCommerce in mind. This means that both systems are specifically designed to complement your business model and processes. The integration is simple to set up from within the system interfaces themselves, so right away you'll be able to see how smoothly the two operate together. SkuVault's always adding new features in order to better serve our customers, and our integrations partners, like Ecomitize and Magento. Give us a call, or shoot us an email and we can teach you more about SkuVault and how it works with Ecomitize.

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Ecomitize provides a complete eCommerce solution for online merchants. Unlike other eCommerce solutions Ecomitize wasn’t created by developers but by actual business owners who understand business needs as well as the world of eCommerce. Ecomitize has grown into a company that is capable of taking care of the market research and site design, search engine optimization (SEO), website development, marketing and hosting of your eCommerce website. Ecomitize provides the most powerful, flexible, complete end-to-end solution available. We take the headache out of building sophisticated high-end eCommerce websites!

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