Inventory & Warehouse Management for Choxi

SkuVault is a cloud-based WMS that integrates with the Choxi daily deal marketplace.

Choxi is a marketplace that specializes in daily deals; the deals go live every night at midnight, and there's a flat shipping fee for all items. SkuVault warehouse management system integrates with Choxi to automatically reflect the quantities you set aside for Choxi onto your Choxi account. Some other features of the Choxi / SkuVault integration include:

  • Reorder reports & PO / Receiving features to assists with sourcing.
  • Barcode scanning to prevent out of stocks & mis-picks, and to increase productivity
  • Real time quantity updates and sync
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How the integration with Choxi works

How the integration with Choxi works

Within SkuVault, you create a new virtual warehouse - say, "Warehouse B". Within that new warehouse, you create a location - say, location "52" - and you check it as not available to marketplaces. By checking not available to marketplaces, you tell SkuVault that you don't want these quantities being pushed live to your various marketplaces. You then go into Choxi, and, through the integration, select the location - in our example, location 52 in Warehouse B - and SkuVault will push the quantities to Choxi. When an order comes in through Choxi, your shipping integration will carry the sale in to SkuVault, and deduct any quantities from your chosen Choxi location. In this way, SkuVault and Choxi work together to ensure that the quantities in your warehouse are accurately reflected in your Choxi account, and vice versa!

SkuVault and Choxi

SkuVault ♥ Choxi

The benefits of using such an integration are far-reaching, and can be seen through every part of the supply chain. Most obviously, synced quantities allows Choxi suppliers to manage their inventory in one central place while continuing to sell on other marketplaces, without worrying about mass daily deals sales causing out of stock issues on their other marketplaces. The SkuVault & Choxi integration allows Choxi vendors to always know what they have on hand, and helps them to learn from their sales so that they can source the products that move the fastest. Synced inventory means fewer inventory errors, such as out of stocks and stockouts, which leads to happier customers, better feedback on Choxi, better search results, and even more new happy customers!

Benefits of using SkuVault to track your Choxi inventory

Benefits of using SkuVault to track your Choxi inventory

SkuVault's an inventory & warehouse management system - its main schtick is inventory management, and our powerful integration with Choxi to manage your Choxi-specific inventory is the main benefit for most Choxi suppliers. But there are many, many other benefits! Not only can SkuVault manage your Choxi inventory, but it can also sync your inventory across your various marketplaces in real-time, so that you're not constantly manually adjusting quantities. Our picking options - both traditional and our interactive wave picking module - are both designed to save your pickers steps and to minimize picker guesswork. SkuVault's PO & Receiving module and re-order reports work together to help you to make smart sourcing decisions, and our quality control features help to reduce human error-related warehouse issues such as mis-picks and mis-ships. SkuVault's user-interface is streamlined with your warehouse in mind - our system is easy to use, and it's easy to train new hires. Interested? Give us and our Choxi integration a try! :)

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